Your Bi-Weekly Update #10

Hopefully a few people have wondered where I've been the past two weeks and why there haven't been any posts! I've been on vacation back to my home province of Manitoba, and most of that time without internet or even phone access at the wonderful Victoria Beach. It was certainly a good opportunity to re-charge although I didn't get nearly as much written as I'd intended. However, I did ...

1. Get some serious revision work done on Call to Arms, including writing a completely new chapter to replace a rather weak chapter that had some significant issues that I was unable to work around barring a complete re-write. So I'm definitely a step closer to getting it into print.

2. Also did a fair bit of production work on organizing and getting the Collegium Scriptorum Catholicae anthology ready-to-go. My goal it that it will be ready for Christmas, along with Call to Arms. It will probably be published under a new imprint for True Restoration Press. There will be seven fantasy and seven science fiction pieces in the collection. I am very happy with the quality of stories we've put in there so I am looking forward to seeing this in print soon.

3. While on vacation I dug-up some old work that has sat untouched for over a decade. It struck me as surprisingly salvageable, so with some re-working I hope to have some lengthier pieces available for your Friday enjoyment sooner rather than later. In the mean time, Fridays may be a bit sparse for a bit as I focus on finishing items #1 and 2 from this list.

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