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Haven't done an update on my progress with my "toy soldiers" in a while, so I thought I'd post some pictures since I don't have any other new artwork or prose to put up. I'm also going to be posting these pictures to a Warhammer 40,000 message board a frequent. I hope that as I give occasional updates, this will help me keep track of my progress, and inspire me to keep the momentum up to actually get this army done. I've been working on it for far too long -- but it seems it is much harder to find the time as a self-employed professional and father of four than it was back in university when I was able to crank out an army from assembly to fully painted in a few months.

So, first off, here is some of what I HAVE (mostly) completed so far, namely the first of two platoons of light infantry. I haven't done the bases yet, because I want to do a bunch of them at once to get a consistent look, plus I am waiting for low-humidity conditions to seal them and then add some static grass.

A closeup of the Rough Riders' Sergeant:

Inquisitor Ambro and some henchmen:

What I've decided to focus on for the moment is vehicles. Pictured below are all seven of the vehicles that will be featured in the list I hope to bring to the next tournament hereabouts, if I can actually get it done (famous last words, considering I was hoping to have most of this stuff completed back in June).

So we have four Chimerae, one to carry the headquarters unit, one to carry first platoon's command squad, and then two more for my outflanking platoon. Then we've got three battle tanks to provide the heavy support. Over the past few weeks I assembled them, and this week I added all the bits of stowage, gear, and camouflage netting. The camo netting is just some medical gauze from the first aid kit. The stowage is some 1:35 WWII stuff I got off eBay for cheap from Verlinden Productions. I got the idea to put a lot of stowage on the vehicles from looking at real-world war pictures. I really noticed in those how much "junk" tanks carry around on them.

Closer view of the tanks:

And a closeup of the headquarters chimera, which is done up Inquisition-style since my army is led by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. I used Forgeworld Inquisition Rhino bitz to differentiate it from the regular Chimerae in the army. This also features my first-ever attempt with plasticard modelling in order to make the front armour fit:

... And lastly, another shot of the outflanking platoon's chimerae:

Next step: undercoating. It will almost certainly be several weeks before I post any pictures of these vehicles painted, but I hope to get the undercoating done this weekend as long as the humidity stays down (likely a vain hope in this climate).

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Sophia's Favorite said...

I wonder if they have to strike a balance between stowing gear on the tanks, and not screwing up reactive armor—since reactive armor works by exploding. Wouldn't be an issue for World War II tanks, but modern (or 41st-century) ones? I know for a fact Russian tanks say, in big ol' letters and about ten languages, "Don't stand near this, it blows up when things hit it."

(You do have to wonder who greenlit that research project—"We just came up with a great new tank armor! When it's hit by a shaped charge, it explodes!" Seriously, if you ever need to explain the concept "counterintuitive" to someone, reactive armor would be my first choice of example.)

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