Your Bi-Weekly Update #9

 I hope readers enjoyed All the Gods of the Gentiles. Thanks especially to the one anonymous reader who took the time to post some feedback. His (her?) encouraging words inspired some brainstorming over the weekend for a possible sequel. Anyway, here's an update on where I've been and what I've been doing after a week of zero posts:

1. Last Monday I started a month+ preliminary inquiry on a murder case from 2007. Definitely very taxing, which is why I was not up to doing much of anything after a long day in court and did not get any writing blog-wise or other all week. Here's a short TV clip on the case: http://www.therecord.com/news/local/article/762306--preliminary-hearing-begins-in-2007-murder-of-waterloo-woman; I'm a little miffed that the press cropped me out of the footage so that you get the impression the accused has only the one lawyer (not me). But they only mentioned one of the two prosecutors also.

2. About the only thing I've had any strength to do in the evenings is paint some of my toy soldiers. Made a bit of progress. I'll try to post some pictures this week of my finished products.

3. At least holidays are coming soon. Once June is over, we're taking a break from the preliminary inquiry for two weeks and I'm using that time for a much-needed vacation. Heading back out west to visit the family, and I'm hoping that grandma and grandpa will be able to buy me some writing time. I intend to devote my time to (a) finishing revisions of Call to Arms and finally get the thing out to the printer, (b) helping with getting the Collegium Scriptorum Catholicae anthology togher, and (c) some drawing. Maybe Razorback, but unfortunately the writer's health problems continue to maybe something of my own.

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