Bits and Pieces 3

A few random thoughts and mini-rants/musings on a Thursday afternoon ...
  • The opening ceremonies for the Olympics is this weekend, so that means it's time for my quadrennial (or biannual, I suppose) anti-sports rant. I don't have anything against sports, actually, but I do think that the importance placed on them in modern society is grossly disproportionate. The Olympics take this "up a notch" and truly enshrines this worship of man, the human body, and sport. And I think that, especially in the current economic climate, it's especially ridiculous for governments to be further indebting themselves to subsidize games.
  • Interesting to note that Emperor Theodosius the Great, a devout Christian who enthroned Christ the King by making “Catholic Christianity” the official religion of the Roman Empire, banned the Olympic games in 393. His successor, Theodosius II, had the Roman army destroy the stadium of Olympia in 426. It wasn't until the 20th century that they re-emerged. Next Tuesday I'll be getting on my soapbox with Stephen Heiner (who is more favourable to the Olympics) on Restoration Radio.
  • In the same article I read, which was complaining about the debt the British government is accruing for the current Olympiad (http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/07/24/afsun-qureshi-why-ill-be-watching-the-olympics-on-tv-from-canada/) commented on the conditions suffered by subway commuters in London on a good day in the summer. He pointed out that such conditions would be illegal treatment for cattle per E.U. laws for "humane heat conditions for transporting animals". Aside from the fact that it is such laws put my wife's family out of the dairy cattle business when Poland joined the European Union, there's something seriously wrong with a society that puts a higher priority on cattle than on human beings. Treating animals well is important and behooves us as stewards to do, but actual human beings, in a sane society, are deemed more imporant.
  • Seems like there's been a rash of shootings in Canada and the U.S. this summer. Well, the media makes it seem that way, although if you stop to consider how many people there are in these countries and how many of them with guns, it's actually quite a small number. Given how insane modern society is I am surprised there aren't more incidents as people are driven "around the bend" by drugs, broken families, and soul-destroying secularism. Of course that means more calls for gun control. But I still have yet to meet a gangster who used a registered firearm, so I still have not figured out how people think banning guns will do anything other than disarm honest citizens and prevent them from partaking in legitimate past times like hunting, skeet shooting, and pentathlon (even Olympic pentathlon).
  • I thought this was interesting: NASA tested an inflatable heat shield this week -- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/NASA-successfully-tests-hypersonic-inflatable-heat-shield/articleshow/15121453.cms

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trent13 said...

"Treating animals well is important and behooves us as stewards to do, but actual human beings, in a sane society, are deemed more imporant."

Hee hee! "Behooves us"? Pun intended?

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