Your Bi-Weekly Update #8

After a very hectic three weeks following my trip to Toronto, I finally have a week where I'm not in court 3/4 days out of five. So I hope that this will translate into getting back on track a little.

1. Okay, the much promised "All the Gods of the Gentiles" ... I know I said two Fridays ago, then last Friday. Well, on Thursday evening I received a good critique from one of my colleagues at the Collegium Scriptorum Catholicae so I decided to hold-off one more week to incorporate his suggestions to give you the best possible. I will definitely start the serialisation of this tale this coming Friday no ifs, ands, or buts (I've already pre-posted them into blogger so even if something happens to me, they'll go up as scheduled).

2. Unfortunately Razorback has been set-back by some major health problems on the part of the writer. I was able to get a rough outline of the project from him so we'll see what I can do with that ... may end up becoming writer and penciller which will delay things yet more. Such is life!

3. The "What I'm Reading" page has been updated for the first time since April.

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