Space Command: Rocketpunk Fan-Funded Movie?

On the message board for a local store I visit for my 40K toys, I stumbled across the following that caught my eye: "Legendary sci-fi writer Marc Zicree (Star Trek, Babylon 5, Sliders) and special effects wizard Doug Drexler (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica) are behind the fastest funded film project on Kickstarter. They're using crowd-funding website kickstarter to directly communicate with and enlist the support of fans for their latest project Space Command" Have a look at the video below, it looks like they are aiming for a "rocket punk" style reminiscent of the 1950s Golden Era of science fiction. But happily it sounds like they are NOT trying to make it nostalgic or campy.

Sounds somewhat similar to how Iron Sky was made (will it EVER be released in Canada???). I like the idea of taking some of the power away from the big movie producers when it comes to decisions on what movies to make and how to make them. Unfortunately, the big hurdle remains distribution as Iron Sky is proving -- despite selling out all their shows they still aren't getting into the big theatres and despite being released in Europe months ago we still don't have a release date even given for North America.

I think stuff like this is worth supporting. Whether you think Hollywood has a deeper agenda other than just making money, it's clear that they do push a certain set of values. As technology gets better and cheaper we may be able to see more independent films like this.

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