Dredd Trailer

A friend of mine posted this trailer on Facebook, I believe it was just recently released. Hard to tell whether this will be good or not -- it certainly doesn't appear to have the camp and cheese that made the Stallone version good. Considering I thought Prometheus might actually be decent based on the trailer and thought Snow White would be awful -- and was completely wrong on both -- I am losing faith in my ability to gauge any film by its trailer.

The dark and gritty may well work. The trailer didn't really get me much excited, so given my recent track record, maybe that means I'll enjoy the film. I am still encouraged by the fact that they took input from John Wagner while making the film.

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Anonymous said...

Dredd was great, by the way. Just great. Great. GREAT!

Watch it. Buy the DVD. It bombed in the box-office. Awful shame.


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