Bits and Pieces 2

Writing on this blog that I'm going to have something done by a certain date is always the kiss of death, it seems. After writing last Monday I'd have "All the Gods of the Gentiles" ready for your enjoyment by last Friday or this, I ended up having no time whatsoever to finish that last little bit. Last night for the first time in a week, our youngest went to bed at a reasonable hour and I was up-to-date on other duties so I was able to sit down and bang-off the last 1,000 words. I sent it out to the Collegium but doubt I'll have feeback and time to implement it by tomorrow. But at least I got some writing done.

I also missed posting on the big astronomical news of last week, the Venusian transit of the sun. Here's a great high-definition video (only 3 minutes) of the event to make up for that:

We have to wait 105 years before the next time this happens, but there are a few other rare astronomical spectacles to look out for before that. Here's just a few:
  • 9 May 2016 - Transit of Mercury
  • 2 August 2027 - Solar eclipse; this one will apparently be especially long, lasting over six minutes but will only be visible in Europe and Africa, it seems. Maybe a good time to make that visit to Somalia?
  • July 2061 - Return of Halley's Comet; I vaguely remember this being a big deal when I was a child, seeing as it was 1986 I was really young. In the summer of '61 it's predicted to pass near Earth again.
  • 22 November 2084 - Venus occults Jupiter; apparently this hasn't happened since 1818.
Prometheus has been out in theatres for a whole week now and I've not yet seen it (no time for writing, definitely no time for wasting at the cinema!). But as friends and family keep sending me reviews which I must avert my eyes from (I want to go in without any preconceptions or expectations) I'd better go see it soon. One can't live under a rock forever. Readers, please DO NOT post something in the comm box telling me anything about the film if you've seen it!

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