06/07: Restoration Radio - Snow White and the Huntsman

I'll be doing another episode of Restoration Radio with my very good friend Stephen Heiner (see the side bar) on a topic that relates to the subject matter of this blog tonight. This time we'll be discussing the recently-released film "Snow White and the Hunstman".

Restoration Radio Snow White The Huntsman 06/07 by Restoration Radio0 | Blog Talk Radio

We'll be starting at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern. Note that the same link can be used to access the live feed, or to download an MP3 recording later if you are not able to join us at the appointed time. We won't be taking live questions this time, but if there's anything that you'd like us to cover in the show, please post it in the comments box here or on Facebook at  facebook.com/swordsandspace.

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