Call to Arms Update and My Son's Star Wars Art

Lest readers think that I've run out of steam on Call to Arms given the lack of a Wednesday post in about a month, I thought a short update would be in order. I've certainly NOT lost interest in the project and there is still full draft 1.5 or so novel floating around my office.

The SITREP I gave in February maybe seemed a bit pessimistic. But after hashing out said review with the friend, I'm no long reconsidering the project. On the contrary, I've got some great new ideas that were borne of my discussion of the manuscript with my "harsh critic" and am really looking forward to implementing those ideas. The problem, as always, is time but I am slowly getting back into it, and now that it seems pretty clear that it will be impossible for me to have my army ready for the Warhammer 40K tournament in June, I think I'm going to do some work on Call to Arms tonight instead of painting.

Parental duties of course being the main thing preventing me from being as productive as I'd like to be -- but those duties are certainly not without their rewards. This week I've been helping our oldest prepare his submission for his school's all-grades art show this Sunday. Naturally, being the good boy that he is, he wanted to draw one of the all-time classic opening scenes in film. Since a proud father can't help but share, here are a couple of pictures.

Pencils were done yesterday and today, inking done today, colours tomorrow! I know I'm biased, but I think this is pretty good work for a five year old.

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