Razorback: Uniform Concept Sketches

Yes, I know it's pretty pathetic that in a whole week all I was able to accomplish was a few more concept sketches. As always, I had hoped for more, but real life seems to continue to conspire against me with babies staying up late ...

Anyway, this week I doodled some uniforms. At least for my contribution to the Razorback series, I definitely want to go with a gritty, maculate-reality feel akin to Alien, so I took the uniforms of the crew of the Nostromo as a starting point, also looking at modern-day astronauts' getup, and input from the creator of Razorback. Here's what I came up with so far:

The trenchcoat thing is obviously not intended for when they're in space and zero-g, but Mr. Creator liked the look so I worked it in as something they might wear on an earth-like planet in cooler or rainy climes. Now these are not miners, so I tried for a bit more militaristic look, while trying not to get too traditional-looking since they belong to a sort of E.U.-takes-over-the-world sort of government.

Also, here's what the creator of Razorback had in mind for the ship, and he'll be basing his drawings off of this. I'll try to take it in a less rounded, more junky direction:

Anyway, from my discussions with him, it looks like we're going for a "Babylon 5" level of "hardness" in the series. No artificial gravity on ships, ships that behave more like space ships and less like water naval ships, no sound in space,  and so on, but no hideous lattice-work and heat radiator designs.

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Sophia's Favorite said...

Actually, if a ship has the floorplan of a tower, rather than of a sailing-ship—decks perpendicular to its acceleration, rather than parallel—you can get "artificial gravity" simply by accelerating at 1 g. Indeed, it's a bad idea to use any other floorplan, unless you have artificial gravity or inertia compensation...because on acceleration, "hallways" become "chasms", "down" being the direction you accelerate towards.

But nice work, noticing about the trench-coats; I was actually going to ask about them. You should really check out Winchell Chung's "Atomic Rockets" site, although that much hard-SF naysaying can get depressing in large doses (and I write the stuff). Also the sections on linguistics, future history, and anything else relating to the humanities are risible hokum. The pages on workstations and clothes are really cool, though—ooh, and laser-guns (basically, they're no better than bullets, and a hell of a lot more hassle).

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