Orwellian Affair, Part 4

Finally, the conclusion of this four-part series is done. I admit that I rushed this last set of panels just to get it done. As such, readers will notice that the shading is a bit lacking and some of the proportions wrong on frame 4. Time is certainly the artist's enemy! Overall I think it turned out acceptably and was good practice, though.

Part one: http://www.swordsandspace.com/2012/03/orwellian-affair-part-i.html
Part two:  http://www.swordsandspace.com/2012/03/orwellian-affair-part-2.html
Part three:  http://www.swordsandspace.com/2012/03/orwellian-affair-part-3.html

With a tip of the hat to Canson for their "Fanboy Comic Strip Boards" which made this project much easier. And thanks again to Mom for giving a pad of these to me for Christmas.

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