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I've never been a fan of "trash talk" and other W.W.E.-inspired braggadocio that seems to have made it's way into modern culture especially in sports. Not only is it poor sportsmanship, but it makes you REALLY look like a moron when you get schooled by a liberal dilettante. On Saturday, Justin, the son of Canada's (in)famous Prime Minister Pierre Trudeu, took part in a charity boxing match with Conservative Party senator Patrick Brazeau.

I paid a bit of attention to this match because it was an interesting novelty to see politicians take to the boxing ring. That and -- though I strongly disagree with pretty much everything both of Canada's leading parties stand for -- I'm a sucker for politics and this was getting significant coverage. From the get-go it seemed like a bit of clever politicking on the part of Trudeau at the expense of (as usual) a hapless "conservative" who walked right into it. Trudeau, having the public image of the typical limousine liberal -- soft, pacifistic -- couldn't lose this matchup. If he just survived it he'd be lionized as a hero. He found an opponent who seems to have bought into the faux-conservative nonsense that being a barbarian makes you a man and a conservative. So he did the W.W.E. thing, talking about how he was going to knock Trudeau out and such was his swagger the bookies had him at 3:1 odds. Then he got an old-school whupping. And Trudeau followed that up with some old-world class in being very gracious in victory. Although for his part, Senator Brazeau seemed to take his humiliation well.

Anyway, I could go off on a whole bunch of tangents here, none of which I have time for. Just a few quick ones: I think politics should be settled this way more often, real conservatism means being a gentleman not a thug (of course, I must remind myself that conservatives have always been simply last week's liberals ever since the "left" and "right" wings were established in the French National Assembly in 1789), and amateurs are way more fun to watch than pros when it comes to boxing -- none of that constant hugging slowing things down, juts lots of punches. Anyway, part of the fight including Trudeau's T.K.O. victory is here:

Also, just because my American friends always point out (often smugly) that stuff like the nonsense I'm parodying in "Orwellian Affair" doesn't happen in the U.S., I thought I'd point this article out: http://hslda.org/hs/state/pa/201203270.asp

It's Holy Week, so the mainstream media is partaking of its own annual rite for this season: anti-Christian propaganda. In past years it's been programmes named "The Real Jesus" or something exonerating Judas or some such. Obsession with the Gnostic heretics and their scrivenings seem to be the recurring theme. This year's entry (on CNN) is a little lacklustre -- "4 myths of the Book of Revelation" rehashing all the old chestnuts about how the evil Church forced the wrong books into the Bible and kept the good ones out. Sometimes I wonder if Catholics don't need our own version of the Anti-Defamation League to be all hyper-sensitive and hyperbolic, going on a constant witch-hunt against anything perceived as insufficiently pro-Catholic to push back against this stuff? Or maybe the liberals and secularists are slowly starting to make themselves look like such fools that people will tune them out all on their own? I find younger people aren't nearly as anti-Christian as the grey-haired Baby Boomers.

Finally, something sci-fi: saw the preview for the Total Recall remake today. Surprisingly, it actually looks like it may be half-decent (see below). Also, Sophia's Favourite (linked on the right side bar) reminded me that Vin Diesel is making a Riddick 3 film. Apparently the latter is being financed independently, which is usually a good thing. Pitch Black was decent, and I rather liked The Chronicles of Riddick, so we'll see. As it stands, I'm on count-down for Prometheus. Probably missed the boat on John Carter since it's flopped so bad it won't be in theatres after Lent.


Sophia's Favorite said...

No Americans of my acquaintance would say that that sort of thing can't happen here. It's certainly more likely in some states than others, but both my parents and one of my sisters are public school teachers, and they can tell you about things roughly as asinine. And that's in Arizona, which generally prefers to take its pratfalls rightwards rather than leftwards.

Incidentally, I think I caused a misunderstanding when I commented on the first one of these posts, that they were "spelling Canada with a K." The usual expression is "spelling America with a K", since in both German and Russian that's how you spell it—and when one says someone else is doing it, it implies they're mimicking those countries', ahem, notable political activities.

When I first heard about the incident, I didn't notice it was in Canada; I assumed it was somewhere in the US.

I'm largely with you RE: unsportsmanlike behavior, although there are exceptions (e.g., Brazil's capoeira has a pretense of being a much worse person than you are, called malandragem or "bad-man-ness"—masters of the art are expected to do things like pretend to trip his opponent as they leave).

As for the "constant hugging", no, man, the clinch is one of the more exciting things about boxing (it's also pretty hard to do without getting hit, although I haven't boxed very much). Getting out of one is a fine art—and quite beyond me (I'm very bad at boxing, because half my mind is occupied just remembering "you aren't allowed to kick").

Finally: I always like to point out that the very last of the canonical New Testament books were written during the lifetime of the longer-lived Apostles. Meanwhile the very oldest of the Gnostic "gospels" was written contemporary with that generation's great-grandchildren. The Gnostics were just ancient Mediterranean esotericists, who decided to tack on some Christian stuff (just as they'd tacked on Egyptian stuff) to try and ride a fad.

M.D. Amesse said...

I hardly would classify my ribbing as smug.

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