Your Bi-Weekly Update #4

1. Business has really picked up with my "day job" lately, so I haven't been able to steal time there the past week hence the delay in delivering parts 3 & 4 of "Orwellian Affair" (I had been doing the inking on my lunch break -- didn't have time for one this week).

2. There's a Warhammer 40,000 tournament coming-up locally in June that I'd really like to attend and make my return after 7+ years to that "scene", so I've decided to spend more time in the evenings (when I actually have time -- things are also busy at home as always) over the next couple of months really pushing to get my army painted. You need to have your entire army painted in at least three colours for tournaments, but professional pride prevents me from entering with anything less than a fully-painted army. Above are some of the troops I'm currently working on in various stages of completion.

3. After claiming to have gotten "back on the horse" with my writing last month, I've only been able to complete 3,000 words on that generation ship story. I'm going to try to make a final push this week to get it in for the submissions deadline.

4. Still looking for suggestions from my readers on what I should read next in terms of non-fiction.

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