QFT is internet discussion board for "Quoted For Truth" ... this picture is so funny because it's so true, especially concerning yours truly. As usual, click for the full-sized version.

God save the Queen!


Sophia's Favorite said...

Did you know the one non-Communist seat in the Chinese parliament is held by Ming Loyalists? The Ming Dynasty, remember, ended in 1644—it'd basically be like if Jacobites were a viable political party in the UK.

carmeljamaica said...

This is indeed funny, considering the traditionalists/monarchists I have encountered. Too often they look down on anything modern, on anything regarding technology, and yet What We Actually Do speaks more truth than any of the other descriptions. :P

The very means of communication/way of life that monarchists loathe, is actually the form of communication they use to locate, spread, and know other monarchists. ;)

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