Deleted Scenes From Star Wars: The Complete Saga

In George Lucas' constant practice of returning to the Star Wars trough for more, they're now releasing "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" on Blu-Ray in September. One of the goodies in the set to entice people like me to buy it are some never-before seen deleted scenes. I include a clip below of a preview of these scenes. As usual with deleted scenes, you can see why most of these were left on the cutting room floor. However, the battlescene with storm troopers inside the shield generator bunker starting at 00:36 would have been a cool addition, as I thought some of the action on Endor a bit lacking and the bunker way too easy to capture.

These deleted scenes on their own are certainly not enough to make me go out and buy the set. I'm not THAT much of a Star Wars geek. I'd maybe consider it since I don't have Episodes I & II in any format and my children (I think) will like them whenever I get around to acquiring them (they're very young). On the other hand, I've heard from one of my colleagues at work that they watched Empire Strikes Back on Blu-Ray, that HD actually makes some of the older special effects look worse. The Styrofoam rocks and Yoda puppet just don't stand up well under the clarity of HD.

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