Call to Arms: Celestians

Some time ago, I posted a piece of "fan art" depicting Eremiel, a Celestian. Readers have no doubt wondered what a Celestian, is, although from the name may have guessed at their nature. They are a race of supernatural beings who live in the Empyrean,  but sometimes venture into the natural world. Their are two groups of different alliegance, the "Fallen Celestians" being those who turned against their creator and work evil in the galaxy.  These second are much more common in the galaxy as they are constantly seeking to work mischief and will "sneak" out of the Empyrean in the wake of star ships exiting or entering.

"Regular" Celestians appear as tall human men of otherworldly handsomeness with pure white hair and skin and silver eyes. They wear clothing of an old style, usually consisting of togas with ornate cuirasses. While in the world, they still maintain a mental link with the Empyrean and will therefore appear detached from what is going on around them, and almost always placid.

The "Fallen Celestians", on the other hand, are hideous, misshapen abominations only vaguely resembling their former selves. Their pure white skin has shrivelled to a hideous black, and they are covered in sores and puss-filled blisters -- they are completely ridden with The Disease and in constant agony, though also full of rage. They can disguise themselves as normal humans to appear similar to Celestians only with dark hair to appear more human.

Both, when in the real world, have real bodies and must eat and drink. In fact, they require more sustenance than a normal human and are also more sensitive to the elements.

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