Your Bi-Weekly Update #3

1. I got "back on the horse", at least in a limited fashion, with my writing this weekend. I was able to finally start and complete the first 1,000 words on the second short story I want to submit to the Collegium Scriptorum Catholicae anthology (by the by, if anyone is wondering what this is an might be interested in submitting, email me). This second entry features a group of Benedictine monks who've been sent to the court of a barbarian king of sorts to teach him how to use the technology he controls (the bridge of the generation ship they're all aboard) in return for the right to evangelize his people.

2. Updated the reading list again. I've run dry on fiction/pure pleasure reading so I'm looking for suggestions. Something fantasy would probably dovetail well with my research reading. So I'm looking for suggestions. Something like A Game of Thrones only without the garbage would be great.

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