Space Barbarian (Artwork)

Here is last week's drawing now fully coloured. Readers may have noticed that I created a new tag named "Space Barbarian" -- that's because drawing this inspired me to do some light, short stories wherein I shall attempt to emulate the style of Robert E. Howard as a way of giving myself much-needed writing practice and hopefully something that my readers will enjoy.

Update: I tinkered with the contrast and brightness a bit and I think the current version above (as opposed to the version posted early this morning) looks better -- although not as good as when I'm viewing it using GIMP. Hmmm ...

Think I'd better just stick to using the scanner at home, since it seems to get the colour hues and brightness just right, directly out of the scanner.

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Sophia's Favorite said...

When people say "space barbarian" I think of three things: Chronicles of Riddick (which has been called "Conan in Space"), the Saiyans in Dragon Ball Z, and the Elites in Halo. Though, admittedly, the Elites are more Spartans (with a small element of the race from the Predator movies, e.g. their mouths and penchant for personal cloaking devices).

But anyone whose preferred weapon, while fighting in space, is a sword, and who responds to being wounded by screaming "One of us must die!" and charging in, berserk, probably qualifies as a barbarian in the Conan sense, however Greek other aspects of their society are. (It's actually neat, the reason they do that: an Elite cannot, according to their honor-code, have his blood spilled and spare the life of the one who did it. They consider "surgeon" a profession in the same category as "prostitute".)

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