Rex Caelestis: Loss of the Admiral Kolchak

From Kane, David, Disasters and Accidents in Manned Interstellar Flight, Marianaburg: Harland, 2306.

Incident: Loss of Contact - all hands presumed lost
Date:  30 June 2217
Vessel: I.S.S. Admiral Kolchak
Viktor Kirilov - Captain
Dmitri Ermolov - Executive Officer
Vladislav Volkov - Chaplain
Ludwig Wagner - Science Officer
Artem Fournier - Navigator
Georgi Patsayev - Chief Engineer
Bogdan Dąbrowski - Engineering Tech
Description: Constact was lost with the I.S.S. Admiral Kolchak two weeks into its mission to test the newest version of the Lomonosov FTL drive. Up to this date, all ships had been using the Angelikovo (Aнгеликово) drive which had been successfully used by the I.S.S. Lepanto's history-making trip to Proxima Centauri in 2212. As part of these trials, the Admiral Kolchak was performing a number of short faster-than light "shunts" beyond the Öpik–Oort cloud. The ship's last transmission from the ship's captain indicated that the tests had been suspended to investigate an ancient, and believed derelict, One World space craft. After three days of no contact the I.S.S. Vistula was dispatched on an emergency rescue mission but no trace of the Admiral Kolchak could be found.


Carlos Carrasco said...

Is there more of the Rex Caelestis story coming? I hope so, because I have really enjoyed what little there is here. It's important to project Catholicism into the future when so many people elsewhere have written it off. Keep up the good work!

Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...

Thank you for the compliment!

Yes, there were will a fair bit of the Rex Caelestis story coming -- it will just come slowly and inconsistently I'm afraid!

I am still working on "The Sleepers" and once I'm done that I have a few more ideas. I actually have about 100,000 words of a novel written in first draft format but it needs lots of work before I'm ready to start posting it. Then I'll start putting it up a scene or chapter at a time.

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