Call to Arms: Imperial Security Officer Ranks

After the Estates General, the Empire re-organized its military forces into the "Imperial Security Force", a suitably pacifist name to suit the outlook of the new regime. This reorganization included an overhaul of the rank structure that eschews traditional ranks like "sergeant" and "lieutenant".

Here is a list of the ranks with a description, in brackets, of roughly what the rank translates to.

Senior Group Leader (Brigade Commander)
Group Leader (Regiment Commander)
Security Detachment Leader (Battalion Commander)
Security Unit Leader (Company Commander)
Unit Head Leader (Company 2IC)
Junior/Senior Unit Leader (Platoon Commander)
Senior Section Leader (Platoon 2IC)
Section Leader (Section Commander)
Junior Officer
Officer Candidate

Of course, sort of like Starfleet, everyone in the Imperial Security Forces is an officer.


Sophia's Favorite said...

Well, if they're security forces, they might be sorta like cops, and police forces don't usually have an enlisted-officer distinction (the French Gendarmerie used to, but they recently phased it out). "Police officer" and "sergeant" are noncommissioned officer ranks, but still not enlisted ("police officer" probably being equivalent to corporal, which the USMC considers an NCO).

Is the military being renamed perhaps a reference to Japan's Self-Defense Forces? Despite the name, and the post-war pacifism of Japanese culture), the JSDF are something the 24th largest and 7th best-funded military in the world.

Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...

Yes, the military was renamed for ideological reasons somewhat like what you're talking about with Japan's Self Defence Forces.

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