Your Bi-Weekly Update - #1

To fill the gap on Mondays on Rex Caelestis' off weeks, I'll give readers an update on changes to the site and on my scrivenings. First up this week, I made my reluctant return to Facebook and created a page there for Swords and Space; also added a "Facebook Like Box" here on right-hand sidebar. If you read this blog and you're on Facebook, please consider "liking" it.

Updated "What I'm Reading" on 26 January to reflect completed works and what I've moved onto. I recently finished reading Godcountry by Colleen Drippe' which was excellent. It's out of print BUT you can get used copies at Amazon. One of the reviewers summed-up well what makes this novel great: "[it is] science fiction that understands the human condition and human soul yet still fascinates with the marvels of the future."

Finally finished my first submission for the as-yet unnamed Collegium Scriptorum Catholicae anthology. My first story is entitled "Chimera" and  features an ex-soldier who stumbles upon an escaped chimera (genetically altered creature composed of two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells) and becomes tied-up with it while he tries to determine whether it's human or not. Now I'll be moving onto a story featuring Catholic monks aboard a generation ship. While doing some research I discovered that one of my plot devices is completely contrary to the science so I'll have to think about how to resolve that.

Doing the drawing "Space Barbarian" inspired me to do some quick, semi-serious short stories for the blog so hopefully those will materialize soon.

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