Call to Arms: Zelosians (Alien Nation)

The Zelosians have emerged in the last half-millennium as one of the most dominant alien races; although the various Zelosian communities do not share a common government they seem to hold an almost single-minded determination to spread their collective domains via tireless warfare. The closest they have to government are the charismatic leaders who command individual hive ships and colonies. Though without a unifying head, the Zelosians are relatively cohesive through a sort of racial amity. They have decimated most of the Herleon Kingdom’s colonies and are currently invading the Outer Rim regions of the Empire with great success.

Personality/Basic Philosophies: Unlike the other warlike nation, the Anaketh, the Zelosians are not as passionate or bloodthirsty, but rather disciplined and devoted to their cause. Their fortitude in this regard is a source of awe throughout the galaxy. When scouting a region for conquest or in negotiations, they come across as friendly and relatively docile. Some Imperial xenologists have hypothesised that they have mutated over the millennia to have the beginnings of a hive mind or joint consciousness, which is how they can be so united in their goal without a real government. Individual Zelosians indeed seem to have little individualism or thought for things other than “the cause”.
Physical Description: Tall, lithe, and athletic with only few exceptions. Smooth, glistening carapace covers their bodies. This carapace comes in almost all shades among the Zelosian subgroups. Heads are longer and narrower than humans, although they have surprisingly human mouths and eyes. Some subgroups have thick, dreadlock-like hair. Protruding from the base of their spines is a bony tail that terminates in a bone blade, in some groups appearing as an axe head, others as a spear point. Their arms and legs are the same length, allowing them to walk upright or on all fours (a mode in which they can move much faster).
Homeworld: None; it is uncertain where they originate from, although it was known before they first started conquering planets in the Zessian region of Separatist Space that they travelled about in massive generational hive-ships.  Worlds that they have conquered are quickly transformed into heavily industrialized, polluted factory-worlds that fuel the unceasing outward expansion.

Language: Various. They speak the language of whatever region they live in, or are in the process of conquering. It is common for Zelosians to speak Imperial Common.

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