Babylon A.D. (Movie Review)

Title: Babylon A.D. (Uncut)
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Producer: StudioCanal (Distributed by 20th Century Fox in North America)
Starring: Vin Diesel, Mélanie Thierry, Michelle Leoh, and Lambert Wilson
Excellence: 2.5 stars (out of 5)
Summary in a Sentence: A decent dystopian-setting sci-fi action/adventure, with good sets, a European flavour, Vin Diesel, and lots of action.

I thought this film was actually pretty decent -- certainly a lot better than Rotten Tomatoes' 7% and certainly better than many films I've seen rated higher by that site. My only major complaint with the film, and the reason I give it 2.5 stars instead of more, is that I found the ending to be rather anti-climactic and left the plot unresolved. In other words, not an ending at all! This was certainly a major disappointment after the first 1:30 of the film which was very good. The version I viewed was the "uncut" version which apparently is considered much better than the theatrical release. All the same, was a bit too short. More time could have been spent on character development without detracting from the action -- plus the plot could have been resolved! -- and it still would have weighed-in at under two hours.

The production was well done; the sets and setting were well conceived, thought-out, and executed. Considering that it is a science-fiction/action film, the acting was good and Vin Deisel in particular delivered an excellent performance. The action sequences were well-done, were not over-the-top, and came at an appropriate frequency to maintain pacing without making the film akin to watching someone else play a video game as too many in this genre are. Overall a good dystopian sci-fi film. I don't know that I'd recommend buying it, but renting it on iTunes for $3.99 is a good value.

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