Aliens vs. Sound of Music

Well, I did say in my introductory post that I'd be putting up unpublishable works on Fridays (as well as the unpublished), so here's one that most certainly fits the bill, posted here just for fun: how can one redeem one of my least favourite movies of all time? Combine it with one of my favourites!

With apologies to the copyright holders, who certainly gave me no permission, but I think this falls within "fair use". Also, a tip of the hat to Colleen Drippe' who induced me to draw this piece by telling me of Stephen King's quote that "sometimes you need to feed the crocodiles."

Now, for those who are wondering, yes, when I was a child I used to be quite fond of Sound of Music, but over the years have come to really dislike it for it's sappy-happy-clappy charicature of Catholicism, its denigration of authority, historical inaccuracy, and annoying music (my musical taste has matured). It's worth noting that Christopher Plumber disliked his role in the film and declined to attend the 40th Anniversary cast reunion.

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