Rex Caelestis: Astrogators' Guild Customs

Many outsiders have wondered at the customs of the Imperial Astrogators' Guild, especially military men, have taken note of the Guildsmens' use of such courtesies as "if you please" when issuing orders. Some have gone so far as to object to senior Guild officers that they are not behaving in an appropriate fashion my phrasing their orders as genteel requests. Any Guild officers could accurately and appropriately respond that all of his orders are immediately and carefully followed.

Yet this does not answer the question of how and why this custom arose. One may find it contradictory when considering other aspects of Guild discipline that is rather harsh, including the use of flagellation and execution by explosive decompression for serious violations of regulations. The use of such courtesies as "if you please" in issuing orders, as well as the use of fine china for officers and multi-course mess dinners aboardship have the same purpose: the promotion of a civilized and courteous atmosphere aboardship to strengthen the fraternal bonds between guildmembers while recognising the various ranks within the Guild.

The use of "if you please" when issuing orders was first introduced into Guild regulations during the reforms that followed Emperor Henry's reorganisation of the Guild into it's final form and granting its Imperial Charter. Such practices had exited in an unofficial capacity in certain local chapters many decades previously and in at least one of the national astronaut's associations that was amalgamated into the Guild, that being the Spacefarers of St. George under the leadership of Sir Albert Darcy.

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