Call to Arms: Technology

Call to Arms is a space fantasy, so obviously they have far-advanced technology to our own. In this post I'd like to highlight a few of these. The inventions of prime importance are:

  • "Faster-than-light travel", although ships do not travel faster than light they can cross vast distances in a relatively short time through the use of the "Epulone generator" which allows them to enter "The Empyrean";
  • robots;
  • subspace communications; 
  • electronic warfare/disruption such that only line-of-sight or unguided weaponry can be used; and
  • blasters. 
All of these technologies are so ancient that they have faded into the background of everyday life and most people take them for granted, even if they don’t use some of them or their planet does not have them in large supply.

Due to the immensity of the Empire, the use of technology is not uniform. The Core Worlds have been civilized and united under the Empire for millennia and as such, have all the "newest" technology. The Mid-Rim worlds are somewhat of a mixed bag but for the most part have all the futuristic technology. Outer Rim worlds like Voystra (planet that Varas Solabius crash-lands on in Chapter I) have indigenous technology that is much more primitive. In the case of Voystra, the prevailing tech level is comparable to 18th century earth. Another Outer-Rim (verging on Mid-Rim) planet we see in the novel is Vendôme which is closer to late 20th century technology. Hi-tech items can still be obtained (although they are prohibitively expensive to import -- as such, one character notes that a simple blaster on Voystra is worth more than the capital of an entire village). In the cities with starports imported goods are easier to obtain and will be seen more frequently there.

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