Call to Arms: Asebians (Alien Nation)

    The most hideous rejection of the Imperial tenets ever to emerge is that of the suicide Cult of Asebes which is believed to predate the Empire itself but only really enjoyed any meaningful growth in the last five hundred years. In the last century it has picked up considerable momentum as the hierophants of this vile creed infiltrate planets with promises of absolute liberty and immortality if their suicide rituals are followed. Sadly, in this confused and war-torn age, many succumb to the temptations, others join out of horror at the deadly invasion by the Asebians' Black Ships that always follows the hierophants. Those who do not convert are wiped out with a ruthlessness and barbarism matched only by the Anaketh -- though the Asebians execute this with cold calculation rather than the Anaketh's passion.

    The Asebians, colloquially known as Walking Dead, have a unique advantage over all other races in terms of military technology. This is thanks to many brilliant scientists joining their cult and sharing their knowledge with the group consciousness during the suicide ritual, coupled with the absolutely single-minded nature of this “race”.

Personality/Basic Philosophies: Like the Anaketh, they are bent on expanding their own realms and destroying the Empire in particular – although their “realm” is no political hegemony but rather an anarchistic conglomerate united by the suicide cult of Asebes. Only religious zeal and the slavery of walking death hold this race (if it can be called such) together as it has no culture – only continual expansion and war. The Dead’s shared consciousness functions at a much lower level than the Zelosians, making them near automatons rather than singularly determined individuals.

Physical Description: Surrounded by darkness, they appear as shadows of their former selves; whatever race they belonged to in life. He who can overcome his fear to look at them will see dim figures in various stages of decay with pale banners like wisps of cloud (when they use them) and weapons that are blackened and spindly remnants.

Homeworld: N/A -- They do not settle. When total domination of a planet is successfully prosecuted, a completely dead, barren, and abandoned wasteland is left behind as the Black Ships continue onwards their grim purpose. They have no need of food, water, or oxygen. Fuel and munitions are scavenged from vanquished enemies and from the scoured surface of victim worlds (they rework what they take aboard their ships).

Language: Various, although none other than the hierophants actually speak. Their shared consciousness suffices to render what communication is necessary.

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