Call to Arms: The Anaketh (Alien Nation)

Perhaps the oldest and bitterest of the Empire’s enemies are the Anaketh, a powerful conglomerate of warlike nations that are ostensibly united under the oft-vacant office of Grand Vizier, although the various warlords battle among themselves nearly as often as with the Empire (which some say is the only thing that’s kept them from galactic domination). The Anaketh hold sway over a broad expanse of space including worlds in the Core Region and stretches out away from the Empire from there. Inhabitants of Outer Rim worlds have had almost no contact with the Anaketh until recently, when their dominions started a more rapid expansion due to the weakness of the New Order. Although they emerged as a galactic power in the 7th Millennium (when they overran a number of Core Worlds), the Anaketh have in fact been separated from the family tree of the Empire since many millennia before the formation of the Empire and are as such far different in appearance from humans than many other "alien" races.

Personality/Basic Philosophies:
Bent on expanding their own realms and destroying the Empire in particular. They are a passionate people, and while their government is totally dominated by warriors, not all Anaketh are violent. They have developed a substantial amount of culture independent of the Empire, unlike the Separatists and the Danausian Empire who stole everything of worth from the Empire.

Physical Description: Generally larger than humans, the chelonian Anaketh range from 1.7 to 2.5 metres in height and are solidly built, often weighing as much as half a tonne. They have thick, scaly hides that range in colour from shades of beige to black to metallic depending in part which part of the Anaketh domains they hail from. They have broad snouts and squarish heads that are indistinct from thick necks and jut out from between massive shoulders. They have small, round eyes inside sunken, dark eye sockets. Some have spiny ridges that line the top of their head, eye sockets, and knuckles. Their most disturbing attribute to humans is their long, thick, pointed tongues and often protrude from between rows of stiletto-like teeth.

Homeworld:  Various, including the dry, rocky, storm-swept Quessed (revered as founding world), the earth-like cultural jewel Grefaed (conquered in the early days of Anaketh expansionism), the ancient water paradise Faquze; others include Ceabe, Urlaan, Fahogre, Waetheth, Ioedin, Olbeha, Zehoen.

Language: The Anaketh speak Hamadic, a derivative of the ancient tongue spoken by humans in the pre-Empire days, adapted for their tongues. Many of them speak a growling, slurred Old High Imperial given that most of their extra-Anaketh contact is with the Empire.

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