A friend of mine sent this dandy little video to me on the topic of the "steampunk" sub-genre of science fiction. It is one of my favourite "flavours" of science fiction, although I've yet to write something publishable in the area (I am working on something for the Collegium Scriptorum Catholicæ anthology). Watch this video for a taste of what steampunk is:

I'm not sure that there's much I can add. In my view, the Victorian dreams of the future were a lot more fun and have more of a feel of the fantastic about them -- again, the blend of fantasy and science fiction that I enjoy. Although Steampunk specifically has that extra level of eccentricity to it that appeals. Finally, the aesthetics of the Victorian era are hard to beat. As much as I love the Middle Ages they hadn't invented moustache wax yet!

I'm definitely adding that "Steam Punk Bible" to my Christmas wish list!

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