Prequel to Alien for Real?

Scanned Image from Entertainment Weekly

I've been reading for years about a rumoured "prequel" to the 1979 film Alien (one of the all-time classics of science fiction and one of my personal favourites). The rumours have always claimed Ridley Scott would direct (he did the original) and that it would be named Prometheus, which was one of the off-the-record names for the large alien creature we see in the derelict spacecraft on LV-426.

Well, lo and behold, today I stumbled upon "the first official images" from a film directed by Ridley Scott entitled "Prometheus". Unbeknownst to me, it seems that it's been "known" for a while that Mr. Scott was doing a film so-named but they were keeping people "guessing" as to whether it will actually be an Alien prequel. Consider me totally out of the loop! I guess these things happen when one doesn't have a TV.

The image above, taken from Entertainment Weekly and hosted on the website www.shocktillyoudrop.com/, would seem to confirm it is a prequel. Click on the image and look at the full-size image, and you'll see (what I think look like) Alien eggs on the floor of a chambre very similar to the innards of the aforementioned derelict spacecraft.

Well, this first image fills me with a certain trepidation, because the original Alien seems to clearly suggest that this is the first human encounter with beings of that kind. Now they're throwing a while other, earlier, encounter at us. But the galaxy is a big place, so maybe Wayland-Yutani (the company that owned the Nostromo) didn't know about it, or didn't realise that the distress beacon on LV-426. But the next photos killed any excitement I may have had:

Ugh. One of the things that made Alien great was very human, lived-in, used-universe, "maculate reality". The Nostromo was a piece of junk with all kinds of retrofitting, not to mention a bunch of miners/truckers for a crew who were sweaty, unshaven, hard-nosed chain-smokers (go here for a good article on the used universe of Alien: http://alienseries.blogspot.com/2011/01/space-truckin-nostromo-and-used.html). These photos indicate THE EXACT OPPOSITE. This is like Star Trek meets Aliens.

Compare the fashion models in their pretty, shiny space suits to the realistic reluctant explorers of the original:

I really hate to be frequently negative on this blog (last week I was complaining about John Carter of Mars, now I'm "dissing" the Alien prequel) but I think Ridley Scott may have lost his touch. Although at least he's giving the Catholic-hating a rest (cf. Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood). I also think that CGI is the worst thing to ever happen to science fiction films. CGI can't do the sort of maculate reality of the original Alien and Star Wars movies. Humbug!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wansbutter,

I never would have pegged you as a Ridly Scott/Alien fan...but judging by this latest post and previous SIS entries, I've been wrong.

Being television free has not limited your learning of this; nothing has been mentioned on the idiot lantern at all here in Aus, to my knowledge; not that I waste time with commercial television at any rate... I'm going to have nightmares tonight!! Believe you me, Audio description and chilling commentary are enough to scare the living daylights out of this sci fi fan!! You're braver than I!!



Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...

I wouldn't say I'm a "fan" per se. I do like much of Ridley Scott's early work but consider Kingdom of Heaven one of the worst films ever.

I do think that he is one of the better directors at creating a certain ambiance and a realistic world. That is the think that I appreciate the most about Alien.

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