The Nostromo Approaching LV-426

In the interests of practicing my inking skills especially, and to try out some new techniques, I did this image recreating a scene from the fim "Alien", where the commercial star ship Nostromo is approaching the moon LV-426 (you can see the ship in front of the moon at the right). I always loved this image from a film filled with much great imagery -- this one in particular I think has a sense of beauty and at the same time foreboding and loneliness (somehow it really feels like we're way out in deep space).

I think this image demostrates well how drawing larger than the final product is intended to be is a good technique because the smaller version you see above looks quite a bit better than the original full-size in my opinion. It also reminded me that even when just practicing, use the good paper. And use a ruler for the borders.

Inspired by the film Alien © 20th Century Fox 1979. All rights reserved. Image, names, &c. used without permission - pencil and ink drawing by Nicholas Wansbutter.

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