Léon Degrelle

As part of shaking the rust off my drawing skills, I did some comic-style drawings of Catholic heroes a few months back. This one is of Léon Degrelle receiving communion at Mass on the Eastern Front circa 1942.

Degrelle was a Walloon Belgian politician, founder of the Catholic Parti Rexiste, officially called Rex (in honour of Christ the King). After Germany launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union, Degrelle joined the Wermacht then the SS Division Wallonien (long story on how devout Catholics ended up in the pagan SS, but the Walloons weren't the only ones) in order to fight against the Soviets. Degrelle worked his way up from simple private to the SS equivalent of a full colonel during a four-year career (1941-1945). He is one of only three non-Germans ever awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.

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Anonymous said...

Well made....and it's obvious you shook the rust off quite well.

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