Call to Arms: Introduction

When I first started building this website, I had in mind that I was definitely self-publishing Call to Arms and that it would already be available for purchase when the site launched. However, since that time, I had a change of heart and decided "nothing ventured, nothing gained" as regards trying a traditional publisher. So, on 2 August I bundled up the first three chapters of the manuscript with a summary of the full novel, a cover letter, and SASE for the rejection letter, and sent it all off to TOR Books (one of the few publishers who do not require an agent for submissions). They "promise" a response in 4-6 months so I plan to wait until February before I definitively take the plunge and self-publish.

In the mean time, allow me to attempt to pique my readers' interest in the work. Call to Arms is a space fantasy adventure. Here's the background I sent to TOR as part of the chapter-by-chapter synopsis:
Since the beginning of recorded history, every being in the galaxy has been infected by “The Disease”, an incurable illness that manifests itself in a variety of ways from chronic coughing, to migraine headaches, to madness. Lesions and visible black veins are the most common tell-tale signs. The Empire rose to prominence and near dominion of the galaxy through its Magistrates, who were given the power to treat (but not heal) The Disease by the supernatural founder of the Empire. On the eve of the twenty-first millennium, the Estates General, a rare meeting of all the senior Magistrates of the Empire, were convened. On the first day a group of Magistrates from the Core Worlds demanded sweeping reforms which ultimately ushered in the “New Order”. Those few Magistrates that resisted these changes, calling themselves “Old Loyalists” took up arms and civil war ensued. Now, after many decades of war, the Empire is on the brink of collapse as her ancient enemies circle and the Cult of Asebes, long believed extinct, have re-emerged, further tipping the balance of power in the galaxy. Varas Solabius, once a diplomat for the New Order, now an Old Loyalist, flees with with a device that could help prevent a bargain with the Empire’s most hated enemy, the Anaketh, that would see billions of Imperial citizens sold into slavery and worse.
While waiting for the rejection letter, I'll still be prepping it for self-publication (I admit, I used submitting the first three chapters as an excuse to slack-off on those preparations) and will give you little tidbits about characters and setting each week. Hopefully it will make you want to buy the book when it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

An intriguing premise. I hope and pray that the Lucas juggernaut does not, ehm, 'take it the wrong way'.. and do to you what they appear to have done to Timothy Zahn. (who, I understand, was the original creator of the Star Wars world and series of nine books uponn which Lucas's films were originally based).

Keep up the good work,


Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...


Thanks for reading and for the comment. I must say, though, I've been a lifetime fan of Star Wars and this is the first I've heard of Timothy Zahn having any connexion to the original creation of the Star Wars universe. I only knew of his most excellent sequel trilogy ("Heir to the Empire") ... where did you read about this?

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