Rex Caelestis: The Neo-Jesuits (Society of St. Ignatius of Loyola)

From the Catholic Encyclopædia (2256), Vol. 24.

See also THE SOCIETY OF JESUS, SUPPRESSION OF THE JESUITS, SSIL GENERALS, and four articles on the history of the Society and the Society of Jesus: 1750 to 1912, 1912 to c. 2050, and 2125 to 2256.

The Society of St. Ignatius of Loyola is a religious order founded by Blessed Yuri Sergeivich Suvarov. Designated by him "The Priests Militant of Christ the King and St. Ignatius of Loyola" to indicate its its soldier spirit and to tie it to the spirituality he had adopted, that being the pure, unadulterated Ignatian spirituality that had previously been borne by the "Society of Jesus" which disappeared in the dark ages, but was suppressed in perpetuity in a.D. 2160 by Pope Linus II due to its still-extant notoriety for liberalism. The title was Latinized and shortened into "Societas Ignatius Loyola" in the Bull of Pius XIII approving its formation and the first formula of its Institute ("Regimini militantis ecclesia", Pius XIII, 27 Sept., 2175). The term "Neo-Jesuit", or "Jesuit" associated with the now-much maligned order famous for its liberalism and corruption beginning especially in the 20th century, was inevitably to be associated with the S.S.I.L. as it uses the original constitutions of the Society of Jesus as drafted by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century. This was resisted and never used by Bl. Fr. Suvarov, but ultimately adopted as an acquiescence to the inevitable.

The Society ranks among religious institutes as a mendicant order of clerks regular, that is, a body of priests organized for apostolic work, following a religious rule, and relying on alms for their support. Members of the S.S.I.L. take vows of poverty, celibacy, obedience, and militancy; the latter being a special vow of strict obedience to the Pope in matters of missions, undertaking to go wherever they are sent with a military spirit. Following the ancient Jesuit formation, Neo-Jesuits are exceptionally well studied in divine and secular arts. As such, many are, in addition to being priests, scientists and scholars, enabling them to serve dual roles aboard spacecraft being both chaplain and science officer or other department head. As such, there is a much larger proportion of Neo-Jesuits in the Astrogators' Guild than other orders.

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