Rex Caelestis: Letter from Duke William of Rocanville 20 October 2160

William, Duke of Rocanville's letter of advice to his nephew, Prince Simeon Vincent of the Rederval, fifth son and seventh child of The Prince Stephen, Prince of the Rederval, heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Yellowstone. Letter dated 20 October 2160, when Prince Simeon was a boy.

Dear Prince,

Since I desire with all my heart, and have further been commanded by your father, that you be well "instructed in all things", it is in my thought to give you some advice this writing. For I have heard you say, several times, that you remember my words better than those of any one else.

It is good for us to remember the depths of depravity of the One World Government and the so-called "American Empire" that preceded it, and not be enamoured of the technological and military wonders of our forebears. Since the terrible wars came to a final end under the leadership of the great Emperor Henry, there has been a resurgance of learning. This is good. However, some have allowed themselves an overly romantic view of the past and, seduced by the technological greatness and the political dominance of that ancient empire "America", have grown nostalgic for a time that never existed in truth.

Thus I return to my original premise, that we must recall the evils of that time, which led to the Lord God to finally strike, despite centuries of His Blessed Mother holding back His sword. They sacrificed babies, even tearing them from the womb of their mothers, to their false and pagan gods; partook in every excess and perversion imaginable; made wars on divers nations to spread their creed. Their technology allowed for luxury, but also slavery, as the pampered citizens were closely monitored and brainwashed. Among the most dangerous of the ancient America's wiles is the Freemasonic national religion that rejected Our Lord and preached instead "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" as the meaning of life, supported by a parallel worship of the democracy.

When strike the Lord God did, the vast empire was shattered. The people, long dependant on their overlords in all ways, largely divided into two groups: one that essentially laid down and died, the other that devolved into even worse brutality than before leading to terrible anarchy and wars over time. Through the grace of God, small Catholic kingdoms were able to rise up around small villages and churches that had held on through the cataclysm. When Emperor Henry came to our aid and helped us vanquish the warlords and remnants of that ancient terror, it was vowed that such a leviathan never be allowed to exist again.

It is for this reason, in 2240, that on petition to the Holy Roman Emperor in Minsk, that permission was granted for a limited war to be conducted by the King of Yellowstone and Generalissimus of the Richmond-Mississipi Commonwealth against the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Baton Rouge, the Kingdom of Appalachia, and County of Arizona who, enamoured with the false glitter of the "glorious" empire that preceded us, attempted to form a confederation. Their stated goal was a reincarnation of the glories of the past, having had honeyed poison poured into their ears by a coven on dangerous heretics who were later condemned to the stake.

It is well to remember human nature, and to recall that Eden will never return. We must therefore be vigilant as the leaders of our people until death. I advise you, especially, to be always guarded against anything that smacks of democracy, capitalism, and sensualism which is the unholy 'trinity' of that prior time.

In conclusion, dear nephew, I give you all the blessings which an uncle can give to a nephew, and I pray our Lord Jesus Christ, by His mercy, by the prayers and merits of His blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, and of angels and archangels and of all the saints, to guard and protect you from doing anything contrary to His will. And glory, honor, and praise be to Him who is one God with the Father and the Holy Ghost; without beginning and without end. Amen.

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